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Before starting construction work it’s important to ensure the best quality of sand. We are collecting the best sand from our best sources of Bangladesh. Our sand is passed from quality check and best for construction.


For any construction stones are important material. It should be strong, hard, and durable. We are collecting stones from local market as well as import from abroad. We are capable to supply stones like customer demand.

Iron Rod

We have varieties collection of iron rod for building construction. Iron rod is the main material for foundation of any constructions. We are maintaining the real quality iron rods what customers demand.


Delivering excellence

We are excellence on time delivery products. We have expert construction team who has knowledge to find the best materials for building. Professionalism & experience is the capital of our construction & building materials supply business. Our hard working team provides best materials and does not disappoint you.

Why Choose Us

Risk Management

For the construction industries and big budget building projects we do not taking chance to make this better. Our top level building materials are strong & safe which reduce the risk factor.

Quality Construction

Best quality construction product supply is our first priority. We are focus on dynamic services and our materials make your construction strong & long lasting.

Professional Team

We have professional team to check construction material quality. Before supply any of the construction material we do double checks to maintain best quality.

Top Materials

Every builder likes to get top quality construction material. We have so many material suppliers who are only provide top quality and trendy construction material. It will be great for any construction projects.

Deliver on Time

We are well known construction material supplier for the reason of on time delivery. That is how your construction work does not delay anymore. Clients are appreciate us for complete our commitment.

We are Passionate

We are very passionate about our work and we know very well how the task will complete without having any problem. Mostly when we are supplying materials tools for the construction industries and developers companies.

Certified Tools

Builders not only use top quality construction materials, they need some tools or machineries to setup those materials. We have been provided certified construction tool which is makes you benefited.

Smart Ideas

Our professional constructive team can help to give smart idea for your construction projects or they definitely help to implement your smart ideas


After working few years of construction industries we gain some achievements. First one is maximum number of our clients are satisfied to use our top quality materials and tools. We always use our experience to input your projects and make them significant. Professional working team, quality construction material and reduce the risk factor is our specialty to work on construction industries.




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