Iron Bar

We have varieties collection of iron bar for building construction. Iron bar is the main material for foundation of any constructions. We are maintaining the real quality iron bar what customers demand. We also have TMT steel bar for industrial construction. We are providing steel angel bar, roof top steel pillar and also available various construction tools.

In our country there are so many steels mills are producing different types and grades steel bars for construction industries. The most popular steel bar brand is BSRM steel company. A perfect iron bar needs to be equal on both side and straight length. For home building construction iron bar is enough but for industrial construction we recommend to use steel bar.

Top 5 Popular Steel Mills in Bangladesh

Our country mostly used two types of iron bar which is 40 grade and 60 grade. 40 grade iron bar is used for home building and normal constructions, on the other hand 60 grade iron bar is used for heavy or industrial constructions. Mostly 60 grades iron bar use with stone material for casting.

Before purchase iron bar for home builders you need to know some specific things, because it can help not to waste your money. Here are some tips you need to know before buying iron bar.

  1. Do not buy iron bar like a blind person. At first find out total quantity of iron bar you need. Than buy it.
  2. Discuss with your engineer exactly how many tons of iron bar needs for home.
  3. Do not ask contractor or construction workers about iron bar, because they are always ready to fraud you. So be careful about it.
  4. Choose only the right grade of iron bar to keep the construction quality.
  5. Do not choose the cheaper one, choose the right quality iron bar.