Sand is one of the most important materials of construction work. We found best quality sands from the river and sea banks. We are collecting sands from sea floor and under the river by dredging process. River sand is better than sea sand for construction and plastering work. Sea sands are salty, it contain harmful things and does not appropriate for building construction works.

Types of Sands

There are various types of sands are available on market. It’s for sure that every sands are not has good quality to use construction works. Here we are trying to describe about some mainstream sands with quality. Hope it can helps to find you the right one. According to base on quality sands are divided in three types like

  1. Peat Sand
  2. River Sand
  3. Sea Sand

Peat Sand

Peat sand is found on digging holes in the field. Peat sands are smooth, angular and also free from harmful salts. Generally peat sand is used to make mortar. Construction workers know better what sands are appropriate to use. They are not like to work with peat sand because it is more smother than river sand.

River Sand 

Sand found in river side called river sand. River sand has good quality and appropriate for any kind of constructions. This sand is round, thin and finer than from any other sand. Mostly river sands are used for plastering work. Construction workers are recommend to use river sand for building.

Sea Sand

Sea sand is more than thinner from river sand. Construction experts found sea sand very salty and declare unfit to use any construction site. Workers are also avoid to work with that types of salty sands.

Coarse Grained Sand

Grained sand is size is larger than other sands. This sands are broken and suitable for building constructions. Coarse grained sands are found in Sylhet and delivered all over Bangladesh. Sylhet is also popular for stone supply. Grained sand and concrete are mix up equally to do casting roof.

Do Before Use Sand

Before use any of the sands for construction work we need to wash them carefully, so that all the dirty things are go away. Although we need to remove garbage and unnecessary thing from sand manually. After doing that we found fresh sand to use for constructions.